Devcon Panel with Jordan, Brian, Meher, Sebastian & Fallsy

5 of your favourite media personalities weigh in on the first day of Devcon 3 in Cancun.

Jordan Leigh (, Brian Fabian Crain, Meher Roy and Sebastian Couture( and Arthur Falls(

  -No displays of wealth on stage
  -The conference is still what it used to be - the Ethereum development update.
  -Sebastian lives in the moment.
  -Some talks unintelligible.
  -Some revolutionary diamonds in the rough.
  -Still nothing built that someone can use.
  -Vlad's single-round-finality consensus claim.
  -Limited information on what's happening inside casper.
  -Truebit adopts Dogecoin.
  -Ethereum will be encountering competition.
  -Transition to Proof of Stake and Sharing will occur in parallel.
Content unpolished.
  -Extreme lack of diversity
  -Poor transparency

arthur falls