Third Web Micro-Economies #1 - The Props Project by YouNow

Video, mobile first, open APIs, an existing two sided market, and a 40 million strong userbase already transacting digitally. The YouNow live video platform is an ideal candidate for a monetary network based business. YouNow’s Props project aims to achieve just this.


Decentralized economies will reshape digital media.

  • Decentralized monetary networks work well when applied to existing producer-consumer networks.

  • Today digital media is a producer-consumer network with despotic intermediaries like youtube, Spotify, existing live video sites, etc. 

  • It may be possible to build a new type of business that can compete symmetrically with these intermediaries using a monetary network.

Which businesses can adopt the micro-economic business model?

  • Two-sided marketplaces

  • Established digital economies

  • Network-based businesses

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